1. Giant Paper Rose Flower

If you’re not one for a boring old bouquet of roses, take it to the next level with this DIY. This giant paper rose is a cool decoration idea and is a cute option to traditional flowers.

Direction : Click Here 



Pom poms are not just for cheerleaders. Here, you can create an everlasting bouquet for Rose Day. A lovely little alternative to live flowers.

Direction : Click Here

3.   Yarn Wrapped bottles

These yarn bottles are suitable not just on Rose Day but for weddings as well as they can lend a romantic feel to your surroundings. You can always get creative and put some paper flowers in them as a refreshing present.

Direction : Click Here

4. “You’re the BALM”

I always like to do a little something special for my kids for Rose Day, but as my girls get older it’s hard to find a Valentine treat I think they will like.

Direction : Click Here


This is a swarm of bugs that you probably wouldn’t mind. Follow this tutorial that teaches you how to put together these sweet love bug cupcakes that makes full use of hearts.

Direction : Click Here

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