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  • Ramadan: The holy month of Islamic calendar began on the evening of Monday, June 1, 2018. The month can last for 29 days and can be celebrated by about 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.
  • Ramadan is that the most sacred month of the year within the Muslim culture. Prophet Mohammed preached, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and also the gates of hell are closed and also the devils are in chains.”Muslims additionally believe that in this holy month, God revealed the primary verses of the Quran to Prophet Mohammed. That was the night called “The Night of Power” or “Laylat al-Qadr” in Arabic.This fasting is understood to strengthen one’s relationship with God. Prayers, charity, and generosity build the month even a lot of pious.
  • Ramadan Fasting: Fasting is considered because of the biggest act of religious observance. fasting (sawm in Arabic), is one in all the 5 key pillars of the Muslim religion. The others are prayer (salat), giving a percentage of your wage to charity (zakat), creating the Haj pilgrim’s journey to Mecca and, of course, a belief within the Muslim religion (shahadah).Ramadan fast is completed from dawn to twilight and is understood to purify the soul and also the body. this is often the time once Muslims feel a way of being near God and refrain from materialistic pleasures. This fasting may be a pious follow within the Muslim culture that fosters a way of spirituality in Muslims.People abstain from food, drink, smoking and intercourse from sunrise to sunset. They get up before sunrise and perform morning prayers. when morning prayer, they eat before their fast begins. when the sunset, they break their fast with a communal ‘Iftar’ meal with their families.

    Some Quotes and Images For You

    “A fast is not a hunger strike. Fasting submits to God’s commands. A hunger strike makes God submit to our demands.”


    Fasting is, first and foremost, an exercise in identifying and managing adversity in all its forms. With faith, in full conscience, fasting calls women and men to an extra degree of self-awareness. ” 


    “Periodic fasting can help clear up the mind and strengthen the body and the spirit.”


    “Through prayer, fasting, and studying, God will answer.”


    Whoever Allah wishes to show goodness, he gives him an understanding of the religion.”


    Allah is with those who restrain themselves.”


    Fasting is a shield with which a servant protects himself from the Fire.”


    Ramadan is the month whose beginning is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is freedom from fire. “


    “May your patience and strength take your closer to Allah happy Ramadan. “


    “Ramadan Mubarak may this Ramadan be successful for all of us and provide us with good health and wealth.”


    “Quotes From The Quran”

  1. “So verily with the hardship, there is a relief.” – Quran 94:5-6
  2. “So be patient. Indeed, the promise of Allah is truth.” – Quran 30:60
  3. “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.” – Surah Baqarah – V 286
  4. “He is with you, where you may be; and Allah is seeing your deeds.” – Al-Hadid: 4
  5. “And he is with you wherever you are.” – Quran 57:4
  6. “Unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth.” – Quran 10:55
  7. “My success is only by Allah.” – Quran 11:88
  8. “O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.” — Quran 2:183
  9. “And, [O Muhammad], say, ‘My Lord, forgive and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful.’” — Quran 23:118
  10. “Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong).” Quran 2:183

Beautiful Poem about Ramadan

Ramadan is near, it’s near
Ramadan oh so dear, so dear

During this month we must fast
Opportunity for our good deeds to amass

From food and drink, we abstain
Satan this month is put on a chain

Wake late in the night for Tahajjud
Pray like you really truly should

Duas at this early hour readily accepted
Almighty ALLAH hears all, the Most Elevated

Then eat your delicious Sheri food
Throughout the day don’t be in a mood

Muslims fast all over worldwide
Rewards in this month multiplied

Your eyes will soon open up wide
Looking at all those foods fried

But don’t just anxiously await the iftar
Make dua, ask to be kept from sins afar

Recite the Holy Qur’an much
Each and every sunnah try to clutch

Make good speech your norm
Extra Nawafil Salah do perform

Having kept your fast during the day
At night Taraweeh stand and pray

Practice the beautiful way of our Prophet (Peace and Blessing upon him)
And for eternity hereafter increase your profit!

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