1.Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are always a Valentine’s Day favorite, but these are perfectly suited to any major sports fan in your life. Give him a delicious treat without worrying about whether or not they’re too “girly.”

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2.Love Lottery

Inexpensive and easy to make, this scratch-off Valentine’s Day card is a fun and creative alternative to more traditional card options. Include prizes like “Massage,” “Kiss,” or “Homemade Dinner” for a creative gift he’ll want to cash in right away.

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3.Photo Mason Jar

Mason jars help lend an old-fashioned, rustic feel to any space. For a guy with a love of all things vintage, these creative frames make a great way to display photos of the two of you.

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4.Candy Jars

 To make them Valentines-appropriate, label them with messages like “Love you to pieces!” for Reese’s Pieces or “Mint to be!” for York Peppermint Patties.

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5.Wooden Heart Coasters

If you’re feeling more traditional, you can even carve them. When you’re done, you get an adorable and functional Valentine’s Day gift.

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