The most awaited day of this awesome love week is that the Kiss Day, observed on 13th Feb, a day before the grand Valentine’s Day. A kiss may be a form of expressing various sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, good luck etc. It often acts as a ritual indicating devotion, respect or sacrament. This prettyValentine week would have remained incomplete without this special day. Globally kissing is a form of embracing someone we tend to love dearly.

Valentine’s Day being specially stipulated for all the loving couples, Kiss Day is the second important day for them to express love and passion. Kissing helps a couple to be intimate leading their relationship to an eternal process of togetherness. Romantic kisses are special for all the lovers who are preparing themselves to enter the final day of love – Valentine’s Day. A romantic kiss increases the proximity of a relation. Ancient lovers believed that kissing unites two different souls. Make your kisses more special complimenting them with some wonderful gifts like Chocolates, Cakes, jewellery etc.

Kissing is the most natural form of showing affection. Other than romance, kissing even expresses deep feelings of loyal affection, gratitude, compassion, sympathy, intense joy, and profound sorrow. The sweetest kiss can be received from a kid who can simply express how precious you are to him. The affectionate kissing is common among family members especially parents.

Kiss Day never remains confined between lovers. It can be our parents, our siblings, friends or anyone whom we love dearly. So, Kiss Day can be celebrated with any lovable person of your life. This special day can be brightened up by some wonderful gifts as well for gifts preserve memories and bring happiness.


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