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Well What to talk about our Daily Refreshing Beverage Java or Coffee. Many of us Think Coffee is just one everyday beverage, nothing special, but is it true? is it really just a beverage?. No ! it is more than just a beevrage. You Dont think so? Okay. Let me Tell you something about coffee.

Remember Your College Examination days and your Night preparation for next day exam, Coffee was there for you to keep you upto work and study all night, and dont forget it was also there in the morning to keep you refreshed.

Oh you are a office guy? Then you must know the day when you were tired of your work but your boss came in and told you to make A 70 slides presantation for next day, who helped you keep awake all night to finish that presentation, Ring any bells? It was coffee.

I can Go on and On but let me tell you the last thing coffee did for you, remember the girl you loved most, and the first time you asked her out was for coffee.

See this is coffee in our life, we have not realised the importance of coffee in our life. So this October  2016 Lets Celebrate International Coffee day and Appretiate Coffee by taking your loved ones out and offering them the king beverage and share the legends of Coffee. Wish You Happy International  Coffee Day in Advance.

International Coffee Day Whatsapp Greetings 2018

Good Ideas Start With Great Coffee


International Coffee Day Whatsapp Display Picture 2018

Its One Of Those Days Where My Coffee Needs Coffee


International Coffee Day Whatsapp Images 2018


Happy International Coffee Day Whatsapp DP  2018

Coffee Is Always a Good Idea


Happy International Coffee Day Whatsapp Wishes and Greetings  2018



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