A hug is a kind of nonverbal communication that conveys love and affection for each other. Get cozy with your sweetheart this year with a deep hug and exchange your profound feelings for him/her. Lovers need no special occasion to embrace each other. But every year, the sixth day of the Valentine week, 12th February is celebrated as “Hug Day” by couples to exchange warmth of emotion.

Hugging is beneficial for both physical and psychological health of a person. Hugging can also help build a sound immunity system as it facilitates the production of White Blood Cells. It reduces the risk of heart disease by decreasing the level of stress hormone secretion.

A proper deep hug where the hearts are pressing together can elevate mood and help to get rid of tension. It gives you a sense of safety and makes you feel special and wanted. Hugs teach us a lesson that love is a two-way flow. It educates us to give and receive. It gives you an opportunity to receive and give warmth at the same time. 

People exchange energy among themselves while hugging. Couples in love bank on this to strengthen their bonding. It helps to develop understanding between the two and encourages fellow feeling.


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