Find the perfect way to greet anyone a happy Thanksgiving by choosing from this huge collection of happy Thanksgiving messages, wishes, and quotes. We here at Wishes Poems absolutely love Thanksgiving because it is a time to gather with family, enjoy good food and be grateful for all that we have.

1) Happy Thanksgiving Day SMS Greetings And Wishes

I’d like to express
my thanks to you.
You made my life
colorful and feel brand new.
May you have a
joyous Thanksgiving!

2) Happy Thanksgiving Message

You are strong, supportive,
admirable, loving and understanding.
Thank you for being my parents!
Happy Thanksgiving
Mom and Dad.

3) Happy Thanksgiving Day Good Morning SMS Wishes 2018

My heart is filled
with joy and
gratitude because I have a friend like you.
I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a
terrific holiday season!

4) Thanksgiving Wishes for Friends

Today I want to let
you know how much I
appreciate you.
I know that I may
not say it all the time
but I am grateful for all
the things you do, I truly am.
Happy Thanksgiving!

5) Funny Thanksgiving Messages

On this Thanksgiving day,
let’s express our gratitude to our belts,
which are going to work extra hard for
us this day to keep our pants up.
And let’s not forget to take a
moment of silence for the belt’s
forgotten brother: the suspenders.

6) 2018 Happy Thanksgiving Day SMS Messages Greetings And Wishes

May your holiday be
filled with cheer
and tummies filled
with turkey and beer
Happy Thanksgiving!

7) Thanksgiving Messages for Business Use

As we count our blessings on this Thanksgiving day,
we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky to have you.
May we continue to have a flourishing and mutually
beneficial relationship.
Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving
and a joyful holiday season.

8) Thanksgiving Messages to God

Thank you God for all the blessings
you have given me and my loved ones.
I am grateful for the strength you give me
and for daily renewing my soul.
Thank you for making my blessings
too numerous to count.

9) 2018 Happy Thanksgiving Day SMS Wishes

It is a wonderful feeling to wake up
in the morning and realize that you,
oh God, have given me another day to live.
And I am especially grateful today,
on this Thanksgiving, that I can be with
my loved ones and honor your spirit. Amen.

10) Happy Thanksgiving Day SMS Greetings And Wishes

On this Thanksgiving day,
we pause and take a moment to be thankful
for all of our blessings.
Above all, we express our sincere gratitude
to the source of all life and being.
Thank you for the beauty of this world,
for the smiles and laughter,
for friendship and love,
for the very gift of life itself.
Thank you.



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