Have you ever thought how many roles does a girl plays in her life, let me tell you some of her important roles. First of all, she is a daughter, then sister, wife, daughter in law, and a number of roles are there in the queue. But wait, did I miss something friends?

Yes, the most important role “MOTHER”.

Mother is the greatest gift given to us by God. Her sacrifices for her child, for her family, are unexceptional, her love for her child is so unconditional that she never demands anything in return of her sacrifices, her love, her care and everything she does for her child and family.

Mother gives her whole life living for others, she doesn’t live a single day on her own. From morning till night, all the day long she works and still doesn’t make any complaints. And what about us guys, we are always complaining about every single small thing. Think about this once.

Mother is that person who hides every mistake of her child from the father, if you want permission from your father for anything you go through your mother, when you were sick she was the one who was beside your bed, she is the only one person who knows all your likes and dislikes, when you got fewer marks in examination she was with you hiding your marks from the father and would give the sign on the report card and go on and on. The counting is endless.

A mother does countless things for her child. When no-one is on your side she will always be there. She has unbroken faith in her child. Afterall, she is a MOTHER.

But my friends, this is a list what she does for us, what do we do for her? She always sees our happiness but did we? We are on her priority but did we gave her priority? Endless questions but the answer will be only one – “NO”.

So my friends here’s the opportunity where you can make her feel special, show your love to her, give her the importance she deserves, spend the whole day with her and give her the most precious gift – your time.

Celebrate mother’s day with your Mom and make her feel special on this day. But friends she deserves this happiness 24*7 and 365 days of her life and now you will also agree to this.

So my friends, celebrate each day as Mothers day and make your Mom really happy.

When Is Mother’s Day ? or Mother’s Day Date

Mothers day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May every year. But friends, is there really need to wait till this date to make your Mom feel special? Try to make her each day special though with small things.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

GIFTS….everyone loves gifts. Even our Mothers, just try once to give her surprise and see the happiness on her face, that will be priceless. So friends let me help you with it.

Here are some ideas for Mother’s Day Gift to make her feel special and give her an unexpected surprise.

Easy Handmade Gifts For Mom

This will be best Easy Handmade Gifts For Mom She is the only one who cooks food every time, but on Mothers Day, make her leave the kitchen and you make something delicious for her to eat. On internet, there are lots of recipes available, so this can help you. There are also recipes books to make you learn how to cook.

Mother’s Day Gifts To Make

World’s Best Mom Certificate

Every Mom is the world’s best Mom, so what are you waiting for ? Why don’t you say it in writing ?

Show your creativity and gift her a decorated certificate made by you saying how much she is appreciated and that she is the best Mom in the world. This will really make her happy.

Mom’s Day Out

On this Mother’s Day, plan a family picnic on the place she wishes, and make her day memorable with lot’s of fun.

Homemade Present For Mom / Homemade Gifts

College or a Scrap Book

Take out all the creativity in you and gift her a beautiful collage of pictures which will refresh her all memories or best option is gifted her a scrapbook with lots of pictures and all the memories related about the picture written below it.

In addition, you can also write Mother’s Day quotes or Mother’s Day poem in the scrapbook.

Mom’s Favorite Thing

You must be knowing, what thing is your Mom’s favorite. If your Mom loves to cook food then you can gift her a recipe book, if she loves to read then gift het the book of her Favourite author for which she is waiting for a long time.

You can make her day start by gifting her favorite beautiful flowers or bouquet of it. You can also try jewelry or perfumes if she is fond of it.

Gifts For Mom From Daughter

All Moms loves to decorate their houses, so try to gift her some antique and rare piece of artifact. If your Mom loves music then gift her a CD of her favorite singer.

There is a list of gifts that can be given, you can also try some DIY gifts for mom. so friends please suggest me some of your views about Mother’s Day and also your ideas about Mother’s Day Gift in the comment box below.

Happy Mother’s Day To every Mother On this Planet!!!



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