Makar Sankranthi, or Sankranti is a popular Indian festival. It is celebrated in many parts of the country and also in some other parts of the world with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is a harvest festival which is basically celebrated in the Hindu communities.

In Indian, the states of Bihar, Bengal, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu celebrate the festival with great fervor and gusto.In Tamil Nadu the festival is known as Pongal, in Assam as Bhogali Bihu, in Punjab, as Lohiri, in Gujarat and Rajasthan, as Uttararayan.

Outside India, the festival is given due importance in the countries like Nepal where it is celebrated as Maghe Sakrati or Maghi, in Thailand where it is named as Songkran and in Myanmar where it is called Thingyan.

Happy Makar Sankranti Whatsapp Greetings 2018

Days are too busy Hours are too few Seconds are too fast but there is always a time for me to say Happy Makar Sankrant


2018 Happy Makar Sankranti Whatsapp Wishes

May This Festival Bring In The Promise Of A Good Harvest Sweetness Of Pongal Brightness Of The Sun Joy, Hope And Happiness Happy Makar Sankranti


Happy Makar Sankranti Whatsapp Greetings And Wishes 2018

The Bright Sun Has Lighted The Sky The Flavours Of Pongal Is In The Air Soak Yourself In Hearty Music And Rejoice


Happy Makar Sankranti Whatsapp Wishes 2018

Wishing that you always soar high, Just like the Kites in the sky! Happy Makar Sankranti


2018 Happy Makar Sankranti Whatsapp Greetings And Wishes

Wishing you a very Happy Lohri and Sakranti. May this harvest season bring you prosperity and happiness. And wish you to fly high like a kite Let us celebrate together.





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