Hello Friends, Can I ask you a question?

Whom do you fear the most in your family?

Many of you will answer FATHER!!! But some of you may have the coolest dad and your answers may be different, so let me know your different answers in the comment box below.

Importance Of Father on This Father’s Day


FATHER is that person in the family to whom we fear the most. Even I fear my father though he is not that fearful, actually no father on this planet is fearful.

You fear him the most but he the only to love you the most. Have you ever thought of this???

Okay, Lets have some flashback friends.

When you were small and were learning to walk, he was the one who was always beside you. Holding your fingers he taught you to walk. Who taught you cycle my friends and the answer will be again father.

Have you ever noticed, when you are top in your exam he is the only one who secretly brings the box of sweet? He makes your every wish/ dream come true. The list of things you want is endless like money, clothes, bike, computer, laptop, play station, and your endless and countless expense. All your endless list is fulfilled by the father but still we don’t prefer to go directly to him. We go through Mom.

Why fear him, friends?? After all, he is the only one who has to do everything and whatever he does is only for his kids. So choose the direct way next time.

The biggest and most important lessons are taught to you by your father. He is the reason that you are strong enough to handle any situation. A Father is the greatest teacher, he teaches us how to live life passing through all the hurdles. He always stands behind us and never let us fall even in the worst situation.

A father doesn’t show his love but he loves you the most, he is strict to you may talk less but he is only one to care about you and your future the most. Though from outside he is hard, but from inside he is a Father and he loves you very much.

So my friends, Celebrate this Father’s Day and make your bond special even stronger, try to know him and reduce the bridge between you.




Fathers Day Ideas

Many of you may have a question that how to make this day more special and memorable. Here are some Father’s Day Ideas that can help you to make your Father’s Day special.

1) Most important thing you can give is your time. Try to spend the whole day with your father and this will be an opportunity for you to get closer to him.

2) If your Father loves fishing then take him to a place where you can also do fishing as well as share some memories. This will help you reduce your fear and you can get closer to him.

3) If Your Father is a sporty person, then play with him his favorite sport. Try to spend maximum time together.

4) You may also go to camping if your Father loves adventure. Pitch a tent, start a campfire, swap memories about growing up—it’s bonding at its best.

5) Give your mother a holiday from the kitchen and you can help your chef Dad with cooking food.

6) Plan a one-day picnic to the nearest beautiful spot from your hometown.

Father Daughter Relationship

The strongest bond on this earth is the bond of Father-Daughter. Father Daughter relationship is very special. Words are not enough to describe this special Father-Daughter relationship. Have a look at these pictures and after watching this you all will understand why Father Daughter Relationship is so special. So here we go –


1. Dads can do it all. Including hair.

2. They also make pretty great game opponents.

3. And the Hula-Hoop skills? Legendary.

4. Dads know there’s always time for a tea party regardless of the mountain of work in front of them.

5. And their puppeteer skills totally belong on Broadway.

6. Dads help us see the world from different views.

7. So much so that we never want them to leave.

8. They can make us feel protected, valued, and loved.

9. Especially when there are monsters hiding in places they shouldn’t.

10. Even when they go to sleep, dads can still do it all. For that, we will always love them.


So, do you agree friends why father-daughter shares such a special bond? Daughter needs a father at every stage of her life, even though she is married and having kids. No one can do these things for you except your Father. No one can replace him. Love you, PAPA!!!

Father’s Day Gifts

Make your Father feel special on This Father’s Day by giving him a surprise with a gift and lots of love. Here are some Father’s Day Gifts Ideas that may help you to show your love to your Father on this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

If you know what is your Father fond of or what he is currently searching for you may gift him but for that, you will have to just give some stress to your mind. Don’t worry if you don’t know about his choices, likes, and dislikes, you can take momma’s help. She will always help you with. Let me suggest you with some Father’s Day Gifts Ideas.

You may gift your Father a book of his favorite author if he loves to read if he is a good chef you may gift him with a book of the recipe. If your Father loves to write or if he maintains a diary then you may gift him a beautiful pen.

If your Father is traveling a lot then you may gift him the collection of his favorite songs because music is the best companion to you while traveling.

You can also think about Personalized Fathers Day Gifts or Personalized Gifts For Dad From Daughter or Personalized Gifts For Dad From Son such as – a printed coffee mug with photos which will refresh the memories every time when your Father will have a coffee. You can make a frame full of memories with lots of photos. Some creative thing made by yourself.


There are a number of Father’s Day Gifts Ideas you can think of. Let me know some of your Father’s Day Gifts Ideas in the comment box below.

Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

To make Fathers Day more special try to make some Homemade Father’s Day Gifts. Here are some Homemade Father’s Day Gifts ideas that you can try to make him feel more special.


1.  Happy Father’s Day Handprint Plaque ~ This isn’t a tutorial on how to make, but I just loved how well put together this handprint gift if and couldn’t resist showing it to you.


2.  DIY Soda Can Coasters for Dad ~ Make Dad his own set of coasters in his favorite soda!  These are perfect to use in his Man Cave or office.


3.  Daddy’s Car Wash Kit ~ Decorate a bucket at Target and printed out a “Daddy’s Car Wash Kit” and fill it with all of his favorite car washing products.


4.  Jumbo Tape Dispenser Tutorial ~ I think this is hysterical and couldn’t help but show it to you.  This is a quick tutorial on how to make a jumbo tape dispenser for Dad.


5.  Monogrammed Cuff Link Tutorial ~  Turn a pair of thrift store cuff links into a personalized, monogram set for Dad this fathers day.


6.  How to make Father’s Day Trophies ~ This is such a fun kid craft and Father’s Day activity for the entire family or church group.


Hope Friends you may make your Father’s day memorable on this Father’s Day and spend lots of time with him. Let them know how much you love them and try to understand your Father on this day.

Once again,
Happy Father’s Day To All Father’s in This World!!!!



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