Lord Hanuman is the most followed Hindu God in India. The people around the world follow Lord Hanuman with great devotion. The people not only in India but also Indian origin people across the world do revere Lord  Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is synonymously known as Lord Hanumanth. Hanuman Jayanti is observed as the birth anniversary of the Lord Hanuman.

The day is celebrated with great and deep devotion by the devotees. The believer in this Supreme God is believed to have immense courage, valor, force, and energy. Lord Hanumanth is the son of Maa Anjana and Kesari. He is also the son of Lord Pawan (Vayu Deva).

There is no unanimity of the day of Hanuman Jayanti as per the Indian Hindu Panchang(Calendar). It differs from state to state and observed on the basis of regional beliefs. However, the day Chaitra Purnima is ubiquitously accepted as Hanuman Jayanti. The people in North India observe the birth anniversary of the Lord Hanuman on the occasion of Chaitra Purnima.

Hanuman Jayanti – The origin and its importance

Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama are closely connected. Lord Hanuman is an ardent follower or devotee of Lord Rama. He is also the backbone of the Hindu holy book Ramayan. Therefore, the origin of Hanuman Jayanti goes back to the era and reign of Lord Rama.

There are no records as to when the Lord Hanuman was born. However, some superficial sources say that he was born approximately before 1 crore and 85 lakh years.

It is believed that he was born on Tuesday that fell on Chaitra Purnima for which the people perform puja for Lord Hanuman on Tuesday. His born Nakshatra is Chitra and Lagna is Mesha.


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