“I like all sorts of chocolate. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, anything.”Happy Chocolate Day!

“I particularly like Hershey’s chocolate – the kind which has almonds in it.”
Happy Chocolate Day!


“I love nothing more than a good, rich, dark chocolate. It exhilarates. It satisfies.”
Happy Chocolate Day!

“I’m not into fad diets; I’m not into depriving. I like fast food, and I like chocolate.”
Happy Chocolate Day!

“You are so unique, So caring and faithful, Just like a Cadbury milk chocolate.”Happy chocolate day!

 “There’s Nothing Better Than A Good Friend, Except A Good Friend With Chocolate.”
Happy Chocolate Day!

 All I Really Need Is Love, But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t Hurt!

Once We Hit Forty, Women Only Have About Four Taste Buds Left:
One For Vodka, One For Wine, One For Cheese, And One For Chocolate.

“So let’s celebrate the occasion with chocolates. that will make the occasion all the sweeter.” Happy Chocolate Day!

“I am sending you a wish dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with love. May you always be smiling.”Happy Chocolate Day!


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