Happy Chocolate Day Greetings

  • “Wanna be always Happy? Always carry some chocolate with you .”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Life without books, chocolate & coffee is just useless.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “I hope your only rocky road is chocolate.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • Love is like a hollowed out piece of chocolate, filled with melted music.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Chocolate is not just a food, it’s also apart of my life! Makes me happy and tastes really good.”
    Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “When you eat too much chocolate, you get sick of it. When you drink too much champagne, you get sick of it. Gorge yourself in fear.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “It does seem like the chocolate brings good luck.”Happy Chocolate Day!

Happy Chocolate Day Wishes

  • “I like pastels and lighter shades on darker skins. I feel like it lifts everything and accentuates being chocolate.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Look at bread, and see it as a Dairy Milk Cadbury’s chocolate bar, and say to yourself, ‘OK, you don’t need that.’ Bread is bad.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  •  “I eat a lot of chocolate.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Chocolate is a true friend, a trusted confidant, and faithful lover.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Chocolate craving your lips melts at your touch, and savors the moment.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Chocolate is medicinal. I just did another study that confirms it.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “Synthetic chocolate sounds wrong.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • Theo nodded slowly. “You love Balanchine chocolate like I love cacao.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “To me, chocolate was the sole reason we on this earth.”Happy Chocolate Day!
  • “My favorite word? I think, delicious because it sounds so delicious. You say it, and you just wanna eat a chocolate bar.”Happy Chocolate Day!


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