This idea can also be customized as skincare in a jar or sweets in a jar.Planning parties is one of my favorite activities and I love any excuse to make decorations, plan games and of course, prizes.

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Sugar scrubs are easy to make and don’t need any preservatives as long as no water gets inside. Choose amazing scents and add some food coloring that won’t stain skin.

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Coffee is known to increase blood flow and because of this improves skin appearance. These are especially good as massage bars for total body.

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Women’s Day, this simple to make Lime & Mint Foot Soakpackaged up in a cute jar with a label you can download and print for free would make a great gift for any Women.

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Are you nervous that these steps are too complicated? Don’t worry, you only need to mix a few ingredients and press them into a mold, like you can see on the image below. 

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This Women’s Day is Special for Every Women.Bowls are one of my favorite objects. I love their shape and utility. The best-looking ones tempt me every time I run errands, so it’s no surprise that when I was thinking of something fun I could do for my family to mark the beginning of the school year, the idea of a fresh set of cereal bowls came to mind. New pencils, new backpacks, and new breakfast bowls, too!

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This Women’s Day we can Give Special Gifts To Women.One way that I love to use them is to store sewing items in my craft room that will one day be my nice, neat, organized craft room. 

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Someone who we can turn to for advice and count on no matter what. One of the few people who has to know you your entire life. The annual holiday set aside to observe this important person in our lives is right around the corner, Women’s Day to be exact.

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