1. Terrarium Kit

It’s widely accepted that terrariums are awesome, which means they also make awesome gifts. It’s hard to wrap a terrarium though, so a DIY kit is the perfect solution. It would be easy to whip up a whole bunch of these kits if you need a lot of inexpensive, creative gifts.

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2. Handmade Soap

Handmade soap makes a wonderful holiday gift because it is luxurious, pretty, and it smells wonderful! This cold-process soap uses only all-natural ingredients, so it is good for you and gentle on sensitive skin.

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3. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

I’ve come to a realization, and I have a confession to make—I am a litterer. A ring litterer that is. Ever since I started doing the multi-ring stacking trend, they are scattered all over my house, as I take them off to work outside, do the dishes, or hop in the shower.

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4. Instagram Coasters

Here’s a great gift idea for Christmas or anytime — a set of customized Instagram coasters and a colorful, personalized box. Surprise your family, friends or neighbors with a gift made from their Instagram pictures!

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5. Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones

Christmas right around the corner there are all sorts of cute, frugal craft ideas that are sure to make someone smile.

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6. Photo Pendant

It’s freezing outside and I don’t want to leave my house! I’m using this “indoor” time to get some of my crafting projects done.

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7. Family Keychain

Keep loved ones always on their mind with this family keychain.

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8. Spoon Rings

These rings are made out of decorative spoons that you’re no longer in need of. When they’re finished they don’t look like spoons any longer, and the only thing that is left is the decorative handle, which has been wrapped around for a comfortable fit.

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