1. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

What woman doesn’t struggle to keep track of her rings? Help her corral them with a cheerful dish, made from colorful oven-baked clay and gold paint.

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2. Teacup Candle

Combine a vintage cup and saucer with a candle to give your mom something she can look forward to lighting at the end of a long day.

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3. Dipped Wooden Utensils

Why not give her something that will brighten up her kitchen, like these vibrant cooking utensils? Even better: This is a one-and-done DIY.

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4. Pounded Flower Tote

That’s not painting! The floral print on this bag is created by pounding real flowers with a hammer into the canvas. Lovely, no?

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5. Marble Cutting Board

This dual-toned marble cutting board is a classy gift for mothers who love entertaining as much as they love a good brie.

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6.Leather Keychains

Upgrade her keyring with these leather (or pleather) pulls. Use a rotary punch and metal letter stamps to monogram them for a personalized touch.

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7.Matchbook Bouquet

Send tiny flowers to the far-away moms you love. Don’t let their miniature size daunt you; they’re not hard to make — all you need is patience.

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