1.Painted Holi People

If you randomly search for images with ‘Holi’ as the search term, you’re sure to be flooded with pictures of people whose faces and clothes are covered with paint.

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2. Holi Art Projects

Holi is well, a messy festival, which is exactly why it’s so much fun! This Art Project from Multicultural Kids is the perfect project to take outdoors and soak in the warm weather. 

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3.Paint Splatter Holi Cards

Sometimes the less you plan, the better your project turns out! These paint splatter Holi cards are an example of this. Get kids to create random patterns with free-flowing liquid glass paint on the cards. 

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4. Home Made Holi Color

What’s the most important thing you need for Holi? Colors to throw on others, of course! And since these colors are going to get into our hair, on our skin and probably into our mouths and eyes too, we need to ensure they’re safe.

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5. Straw Painted Holi Card

Love for Krafts has the perfect card that literally screams Holi Hai!! Take an empty straw and some distress inks and go crazy blowing the paint everywhere! It’s just like playing Holi, but on a card.

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6. Quilled Pichkari

This cute paper Quilled Pichkari is so adorable, I wonder if I’d actually give it away or hang it up in my room! Image Create Art gives us multiple images so you can make it easily if you have any practice in quilling. 

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7. Holi Themed Games

Holi’s a time for fun and games, but not all of them need to be messy! Ho Kitty has some cute ideas for tambola cards in Holi themes. 

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