Kids’ day is commended in India on fourteenth of November, the birth date of Indian First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, consistently. Yet, have you at any point envisioned why we praise this day as Children’s Day? All things considered, aside from being a decent statesman, he was colossally enamored with kids. He was famous among the kids as Chacha Nehru (Uncle Nehru) or Chachaji. As indicated by his contemplations, he considers youngsters as the fate of a country.


He trusts that kids have pure heart and they win the core of everybody with their guiltless grin and heavenly grin. He longed that his birthday would be praised as the Children’s Day. Thus, after his demise, we offer him tribute by celebrating fourteenth November as Children’s Day.

He underscored the significance of giving friendship and love to youngsters and needed to upgrade the development of Indian youth. Considering the same, he built up premium training establishments, for example, AIIMS and Indian Institute of Technology.

He likewise influenced a five-year to arrange for that contains free essential instruction, and free dinners in addition to drain to the school youngsters with the goal of keeping kids from ailing health in India. The intensity and profound love of Chacha Nehru towards the youngsters is the main reason of praising the Children’s Day at his birthday commemoration.

It is a day when an extraordinary flexibility warrior and a pioneer is recalled. He has laid the base to change over a rising country into a politically influential nation. On this event, a few capacities are prearranged in schools, foundations, and other instructive associations.

On this day, each association and school commends the Children’s Day in its own particular manner. There are bunches of techniques that can be utilized to commend the Children’s day. Here, we have recorded the distinctive approaches to commend the event.

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