1.Wood Vases

This is one of those easy gifts for friends that requires only a couple of supplies and knowledge of their favorite colors and flowers. That makes this one of the best last-minute gifts to make in a rush. I like to make these for friends after they redecorate – it adds a personal touch to the DIY home decor. 

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2. Faux Agate Coasters

These adorable DIY agate coasters make adorable small birthday gift ideas for her or the fashion-forward him. I like to make these coasters as a gift for teens in college because they make the cutest DIY dorm decor.

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3.Tote Bag

These DIY tote bags are easy gifts to make for friends and sure crowd pleasers. I like give these as the wrapping and part of the gift and add a few small DIY gifts in the bag as well.

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4.Gold Dipped Jewelry Tray

These DIY dish jewelry holders are customizable to any friend’s taste.

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5.No Sew Watercolor Trivet

These trivets make cute DIY gifts to give at a housewarming party or as small gifts for friends. This no sews project tutorial is easy to follow and create.

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6. Marble Tray

This homemade decor gets more compliments than just about anything else in my house & my friends who have received them say the same.

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7.Tape Candles

Did I mention when it comes to last minute gifts for friends I’m the worst? I think I said the queen earlier, but making gifts in a matter of minutes has become somewhat of a specialty for me. Friends, believe me when I say it does not get easier than these washi tape candle decor.

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8.No Sew Camera Strap

Not ready to tackle Pinterest sewing projects yet? This no sews camera strap tutorial is a no worries DIY project that also makes a cute birthday gift for your photography loving friends. 

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9.Picnic Basket

These cute DIY gifts make the best wedding presents I have ever given. Newlyweds know now to expect these picnic baskets filled with adorable jars of homemade jams and dip-dyed cloth napkins.

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10.Marbled Bottom Vases

When it comes to cute inexpensive gifts posing as expensive looking presents, this DIY home decor is the perfect solution.

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11.Stenciled Pillow

I’ve done lots of stenciling projects, but this DIY pillow is one of my favorites. It’s such a cute birthday gift for friends who you love to quote your favorite movies with or family who you belt out favorite song lyrics with.

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12.Marquee Light

This marquee light is not only an easy craft project, but it also makes cute inexpensive gifts to give someone you’re still getting to know or for loved ones who are fans of vintage decor.

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